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What To Expect When You Relinquish A Junk Vehicle From Your Property

If you have an old vehicle that has been sitting on your property, and you have decided you do not have the funds or time to repair it or sell it on your own, you may have contemplated using a junk car for cash service to have it removed. Here is the rundown of what to expect when you have a vehicle picked up for removal.

A Call Needs To Be Made First

Contact a junk car removal service that tends to your area to find out when a vehicle can be picked up from your property. Many of these services give vehicle owners compensation after the vehicle is removed. It is best to inquire about the cash price given, as this can vary between services. Most services will pay a flat rate per pound. This amount depends upon the daily metal exchange rate. When you make a phone call to a junk car removal service, inquire as to whether you need to provide a title for the vehicle being removed. Some removal services do not require one, while others will request one if the vehicle was manufactured within the last decade or so.

Removal Of Personal Items From The Vehicle

Be sure that anything inside or adorning your vehicle is removed before a service comes to remove it. Once it is removed, all left behind items become the property of the vehicle removal service. Check for license plate frames, radios, specialty mirrors or antennas, installed speakers, or cup holders. If you wish to remove stock items, this is allowed as the vehicle removal service is mostly interested in the weight of the metal of the vehicle. Give yourself enough time to perform the removal of these items when you schedule a date for pickup.

Make An Exchange On The Spot

Most junk car removal services will come to your property prepared with a check written out for the amount of cash agreed upon when you had requested a pickup. The vehicle will be checked over quickly for flaws and then the junk vehicle service worker will load up the vehicle upon a flatbed for removal. If the vehicle does not have tires full of air, and you have the means to do so, fill them before the arrival of the service. This will make it easier for the service to position the vehicle upon its flatbed. The worker will hand over a check for your vehicle and drive their flatbed with the vehicle in tow, away.

Contact junk car removal services to learn more.

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