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5 Easy Aftermarket Auto Modifications

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of simple car modifications that you can do yourself that won't cost you an arm and a leg but will significantly improve your car's performance. It's true that today's cars aren't as easy to work on as they were back in the day. Cars were larger with plenty of space to work in, and engines and other systems were simple, straightforward, and relatively inexpensive. Computer-controlled technology and space-age materials usually require a visit to a mechanic for modifications or repairs. The extra performance modern cars provide comes at a cost.

But, using readily available aftermarket car parts, and even salvage car parts, you can boost your car's performance and make it safer too. Here are five affordable upgrades that are easy to do yourself.

  • Replace the radiator. The radiator is responsible for keeping your engine cool. For a factory stock engine, the original radiator will be sufficient. But if you beef up your engine's performance, it'll produce more heat, and that means you'll need a larger radiator to keep it cool. Even on a stock engine a larger radiator can be beneficial if you like to push the limits regularly. Installing a radiator is fairly easy, a matter of removing two or three hoses, the shroud and mounting brackets, and then putting them back on the new unit. 

  • Install new brake lines. Standard brake lines are rubber, and, with use, they will stretch and expand, leading to poor, mushy braking. Braided metal-sheathed brake lines aren't prone to these issues, and they are easy to change with basic hand tools.

  • Install high-performance spark plug wires. Both performance and gas mileage can be greatly improved with the high-performance wires available today. For some cars, it might be necessary to loosen or remove the engine mounts and tilt the motor to reach all the plugs.

  • Change your windshield wipers. As cheap car parts and mods go, this is one of the most affordable, and effective. High-tech wipers, with three and even four blades, can increase visibility and, thus, safety in rainy weather. They look good too.

  • Add window tinting. At one time it took a professional to do a good job of window tinting. But using the kits available on the market today, even a novice can produce professional-looking results. Tinting protects your interior from damaging ultraviolet rays, keeps your interior cooler, and helps to eliminate glare.

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choosing parts for maintenance and repairs

The parts that you choose to put in your car during maintenance and repair work can determine how well your car runs and how long it is before you need to make another repair. This blog will show you what you need to know about choosing the car parts that are needed for different types of maintenance and repair work. You will find out which parts can enhance performance and which choices will help to improve economy. By the time you reach the end of this blog, you will have a solid understanding of which parts will be best for your next maintenance or repair project.

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