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Two Questions About Your Car's Brakes: Addressed

When your car experiences problems with the brakes, you can be placed in extreme danger, but it is a reality that there are many people that may not have a thorough understanding about the types of problems that this critical part of a car may encounter. To help you be better prepared to contend with these issues, you may need to consider the answers to the following questions about common brake issues.

What Is Causing A Grinding Or Screeching Sound From The Brakes?

One of the more common issues that your brakes may encounter is a loud screeching sound when you apply pressure to them. Unfortunately, there can be a number of causes for this problem. For example, it may be possible for a small rock or some other debris to get stuck between the brake pad and rotor or in the calipers. When this occurs, you can hear an extremely unpleasant sound, and you may also notice a decrease in performance.

Another routine issue that can cause this type of issue is due to the brake pads wearing down. When the brake pads wear down, this sound can be produced by the metal base of the pad rubbing against the rotor. You'll need new auto parts to correct this problem. Due to the numerous causes of this potential problem, you should seek the services of a professional mechanic whenever you notice these issues starting to develop.

Is It Normal For Brakes To Become Spongy Or Loose As The Vehicle Ages?

In order to effectively keep you safe, it is important for the brakes on your car to be extremely responsive. Sadly, there are some individuals that assume that it is not a big issue for a car's brakes to become spongy or loose over the course of time. This problem can greatly slow your reaction time while driving because you may have to press the brake pedal almost to the floor before the car will stop. Not surprisingly, this can lead to extremely dangerous situations while you are driving.

Often, this can be caused by there being insufficient pressure in the brake lines or a loose nut on a connection can be inhibiting the responsiveness. Luckily, repairing this type of problem is often fairly simple as a mechanic will be able to quickly analyze the braking system to find any issues that may be causing this problem. While this may sound like an inconvenient way to spend an afternoon, having this braking problem repaired may greatly enhance the safety of your vehicle.

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