choosing parts for maintenance and repairs

3 Simple DIY Car Repair Projects To Improve Performance On A Budget

If you want to save money on maintenance to your car, there may be a lot of repairs that you prefer to do yourself. Sometimes, this can include doing things like changing the oil and filters or doing your own brake job. There are also improvements that can be done during simple maintenance to help improve the performance of your car on a budget, such as upgrading the air intake system or installing an auxiliary radiator fan. Here are some simple improvements to give your car more performance on a budget:

1. Installing An Auxiliary Radiator Fan For Stop-And-Go Traffic

If you do a lot of driving in traffic or have a long commute to work, the stops can contribute to your motor overheating. This is because most cars use an air cooled system to prevent overheating. In traffic the engine does not get the air it needs to stay cool. To prevent these heat problems in traffic, you can add an auxiliary radiator fan to aid in cooling the motor when the car is stopped or during extremely hot weather.

2. Updating The Air Intake When Changing Oil And Filters

Your car needs to get an even mixture of air and fuel for the engine to run efficiently. When you change the oil, one of the tasks that you may do is changing the air filter. Next time you change your oil; you may want to consider upgrading the air intake system. You can get aftermarket air intake systems that increase the air flow and performance of your car. This is one of the cheapest improvements that you can do to your car and see direct results in the performance of your car.

3. Adding Performance Cables And Reprogramming The Fuel Injection System

Another improvement that you can do during regular maintenance is change the cables for aftermarket performance cables. These spark plug cables can resist more heat and improve the firing of cylinders. You can do this when you change the spark plugs on your car. When doing this, you may also want to adjust the tuning of the fuel injection system for better air and fuel mixture. You can reprogram your car's computer with an diagnostic tester, which you can get from many car parts dealers.

If you want to give your car more performance when doing regular maintenance, consider some of these ideas. You can get cheap car parts from an auto parts dealer to start giving your car the upgrades for better performance.

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choosing parts for maintenance and repairs

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