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3 Questions To Ask When Buying Used Auto Parts

Oftentimes, many people turn to used auto parts as a way to save money on their cost of repairs. Whether it be a replacement fender for the body of their vehicle or a used transmission to get their vehicle back on the road, used parts can give you what you need without having to sacrifice your pocketbook. As you look for used parts for your vehicle, here are three questions to ask to help you make a final decision.

What type of warranty does the part have? 

Anytime you buy a used part for your vehicle, you want to make sure and ask about the warranty on it. While some parts will only have a 30-day warranty, others might come with a 90-day warranty. The key is knowing what it is that you are getting right from the beginning. This will help you better prepare for what might happen if something does go wrong with the used part. Many times, the warranty is just for the part itself. This isn't going to cover the cost of your having someone replace the part or take the other one out so you can return it. All of that is going to be extra. That won't matter much if you are the one doing the repairs.

What happened to the original vehicle?

You might want to ask what happened to the original vehicle and if you can see it. This will help you better determine if the part is going to be in good working condition or not. If the original vehicle was in an accident that wasn't the original owner's fault, the vehicle might have been taken care of properly. You can confirm this by taking a look at the vehicle the part came off of. If the outside of the vehicle looks in good shape, that typically means the owner took pride in their vehicle and maintained it properly.

How many miles are on the component?

If you are buying a used transmission or engine, you might want to ask how many miles the part has on it first. This will help you determine whether the part is going to last for a little while or not. If the part has over 100,000 miles on it, you want to go through and check the fluid as well. See if the engine or transmission fluid still looks good and is the proper color. That tells you that the component is in good condition as well.

By asking the questions above, you can make sure you get the component you need at a price you can afford.

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