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How To Repair Your Wooden Garage Door After Bumping It With Your Vehicle

If you recently had a mishap where you had braked too late in your driveway, causing you to bump your garage door, you may need to do some repair work to hide any damage. Repairing a wood garage door can be done on your own if the damage is not extensive. Here are some steps you can take to determine the extent of damage as well as make a repair to small cracks or dents in your wood garage door.

Evaluate The Damage

Before fixing a cracked or dented door, you will want to be sure it will still be able to be opened and closed without incident. Go into your garage and see if the damage spills through to the other side of the area where you made impact. If there is a crack clear through the wood to the interior side, a garage door installation service should be called to replace the panel. If the damage is limited to the exterior of the door, you may be able to make the repair on your own. Check to see how deep the crevice appears. If you are afraid your door may crack when opening it, you are better off letting a professional, like those at J & R Garage Door Company Inc., do the repair work.

Clean The Surface

Before doing any repair to your wood door, it should be completely cleaned. This will ensure the filler you use to make the repair will stick into the crevice without any obstruction in the way. Rinse your door using a garden hose and scrub it down with a soft-bristled brush and some wood detergent. Rinse the detergent away and check the crevice for any splintering. Any small pieces of wood can be removed with a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers. Allow the door to dry in its entirety before starting the repair work.

Fill In The Void

Use a wood putty filler to fill in the crack or indentation left from the impact of your vehicle. This filler is a pliable material that can be pressed into voids using your fingertips. Spread it to the outer edges of a crack or concave portion so it is uniform with the rest of the wood panel. Allow the putty to harden according to the packaging directions. Afterwards, sand the putty down so the door is smooth to the touch. At this time you can paint over the filled-in area, covering up the evidence of the blemish as a result.

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